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The Artist - Catherine de Haan

I am a Parisian artisan who has been creating scarves for over 35 years. I started tapestry and loom weaving in Europe and while this form of artistry has satisfied my creative outflows for many years, I have recently felt a keen interest in the Eco-dye and Eco-Print technique of creating silk scarves.  With leaves, flowers, fruits and even vegetables, beautiful forms are created that have lasting impressions.


I loved experimenting with this ancient technique and decided to deepen my knowledge by taking a special masters workshop in Brittany (France 2013).  After much experimentation, I was amazed to learn that some flowers, leaves and vegetables leave their unique imprint in the silk.  In addition, the silk will react differently to nature depending not only on the natural solvent used (from rain water to vinegar), but also on the time of year the plants, or vegetables are harvested. This means that no one scarf can ever be reproduced and the customer can rest assured that she will be the proud owner of an exclusive product.

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